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Quality Control Unites Young Thug & 24Heavy Together For “Longtime”

There were probably mad onions being cut during the making of this song…

Quality Control is looking to release a collaboration album really soon. While majority of the tracks will feature names we are all familiar with, it will also feature a few newcomers, too. 24Heavy is one of the newcomers you will hear, and in “Longtime,” he gets to have his coming out party.

In “Longtime,” you get an emotional duet between Young Thug and 24Heavy that centers around resiliency and grinding ’til your feet hurt. As expected, you get some pretty fearless singing from both artists on the track (Which may lead to broken glasses), in addition to very passionate lyrics. I swear to goodness, I damn-there cried after listening to this joint!

This era of ‘singing ass n***as’ has reached its apex.




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