White people that embrace black movies like ‘Coming To America’ are cool as s**t!

Mike Posner has been on his hippie s**t for the last couple of years, but as of late, he’s been dabbling in hip-hop, too. Just a few weeks ago, Posner dropped a track with Ty Dolla $ign called “Look What I’ve Become” that I thought was club-ready; today, he decided to unite with Wiz Khalifa and David Banner for a bangin’ ass track titled “Prince Akeem.”

“Prince Akeem” features this hard-hitting/celebratory instrumental that does everything in its power to make you give yourself 100 pats on the back (Kudos to David Banner). Over this instrumental, Mike Posner talks about stiff-arming the music industry’s lofty expectations, morphing into a version of himself he likes, and strangely, getting praise from Mike Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils. While Mike sings throughout this song, his lyrics come across as rapper-esque.

Wiz Khalifa is featured on “Prince Akeem,” and on his verse, he proclaims himself the best thing since sliced bread yet again. Not only does he take credit for smoking on TV, but he also talks about stuntin’ and ballin’ on his foes utilizing a brash delivery and solid wordplay.

Mike Posner makes good music, but on the real, he looks weird as s**t.