Hip Hop

Snoop Dogg Pays Homage To Suge Knight In “Let Bygones Be Bygones”

Even in 2019, we are supposed to care about Death Row. 

Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight’s relationship has gone through more turns than an Uber driver that’s trying to pick up a passenger from the middle of lollapalooza. These days, it seems like the two are on good terms, as Snoop decided to release a homage track today in which he lets the world know how he’s benefitted greatly from Suge’s boss moves.

Despite Suge Knight coming across like a video game boss, he still gets lots of love from real ones in the industry like Snoop. In my opinion, when you change a n***as life, it’s easy to ignore all the crazy s**t that someone has done.

I say we move on from the Death Row era of rap…




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