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Zendaya & Labrinth Join Forces For “All Of Us”

Zendaya is totally hammered on this song.

If you haven’t watched an episode of Euphoria yet, stop everything you’re doing and watch one (Even if you are showering)! The show is emotional, the writing on it is phenomenal, and for people that love Drake, it is executive produced by him. The star of the show is Zendaya, and she plays Rue — a drug addict that tries to navigate through life with a blurry/misguided lens. Because of this, she’s untamed, which ultimately results in her making more bad decisions than a Redskins GM. As for the song up top, it gives you a glimpse of Rue’s mental, as it features soulful singing, troublesome lyrics, and a passionate instrumental that only adds to the emotions of the track.

Zendaya can play Spiderman’s girl and a drug addict at the same time? (I see a lawsuit coming…)


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