Trippie Redd – ! (Album Review)


Trippie Redd looks to pile upon his already impressive resume with “!”





Trippie Redd sounds like he’s ready to go to war with somebody in “Under Enemy Arms.”

I f**k with the army-like instrumental, melody and gritty lyrical content that powers “Under Enemy Arms.” However, I do not f**k with Trippie’s wishy-washy delivery of his lyrical content on it (At times, Trippie sounds like he’s rapping while gargling on some mouthwash). Taking the good and the bad I just mentioned into consideration, I can see some hating this song, and others actually f**king with it.




4. MAC 10

“Mac 10” feels like a terrifying reminder of the things Trippie Redd would do to you if you try to cross him. With that being said, I love the gritty nature of the song, how Trippie and featured guests Lil Baby & Lil Duke tackle their verses with this military-like approach, and most importantly, the chemistry between the trio as a whole. Never did I think Ohio and Atlanta rappers could sound so in-sync on a track.

Am I the only one that continues to question Trippie’s gangsta ways even after he drops tough ass songs like “Mac 10?”



3. !

Sometimes I believe Trippie Redd is too talented for his own good. If you think about it, he can rap well, he can sing well, and apparently with “!,” he can drop some authentic EDM-sounding s**t, too!

“!” features an electrifying instrumental by Diplo, and vocals by Trippie Redd that are both daring and passionate. In Trippie Redd’s verses on the song, he talks about trying to repair his mental before going after a chick that might end up bad for him. I guess the Canton native finally understands what it means to nurture to something that is fragile (Only if Trippie treated his face with this same mindset).

Diplo and Trippie have great chemistry!




“Be Yourself” is both motivational and gangsta. With it being powered by this serene instrumental, Trippie bounces between giving good advice about staying true to yourself, and poor advice about shooting up foes and splurging on n***as. Additionally, rapping-wise, you get a version of Trippie that’s melodic and hard on the song, further adding to the bi-polar feel of it as a whole. For some odd reason, I enjoy when Trippie is being bi-polar.

I feel like I actually learned something from this song: Shoot people if they don’t let you be yourself (That’s some serious advice right there!).




I f**k with “Immortal” a lot! I like how emotional it is, I like how urgent it feels, I like the singing Trippie Redd does on the track, and overall, I like how effortlessly gangsta it is. When you add The Game’s trill ass verse to the equation, what you get is one of Trippie’s best songs to-date.

The Game was on a Trippie Redd album before a Ross album today… Can’t say I saw that coming….


1. ! (4/5)

2. SNAKE SKIN (3/5)

3. BE YOURSELF (4/5)

4. I TRY (3.5/5)


6. IMMORTAL (5/5)

7. THROW IT AWAY (3/5)


9. RIOT (3/5)

10. MAC 10 (3.5/5)


12. UNDER ENEMY ARMS (3.5/5)

13. LIL WAYNE (3/5)

14. SIGNING OFF (3.5/5)




Trippie Redd might be the most unique artist I’ve ever heard in my life. Personally, I think his ear for music is fantastic, but at the same time, his knack for experimenting with a bunch of different sounds tends to hold him back from reaching his full potential. In my opinion, “!” is one big experimental effort from the Canton native, and because of this, I have mixed feelings about it.

Surprisingly, I believe Trippie Redd is a pretty versatile artist. Rapping-wise, I think he is capable of putting together bars with decent punchlines and clever lyrics, while singing-wise, I believe he is capable of putting together s**t that is melodic and solid vocally. However, when Trippie decides to go postal on a song (Which is too many times on this album), he ends up a middle of the pack artist. So with that being said, you will be frustrated with a good chunk of this album, because at times, Trippie shines doing what I said he does best, but too many times he resorts to blurting out random s**t and playing internet gangsta. If Trippie could tap into his introspective bag like he did on “immortal” and “Be Yourself,” I think he can be special.

I actually love the vibes attached to “!.” Most beats are comforting, while others take on military-like feels. Regardless of the beat he’s handed, Trippie attacks s**t blindfolded, caring less to fit in or fit out. Personally, I love that level of rebelliousness when you talk about music-making. (This is partially the reason I didn’t give him a bad score for this album)

The features on “!” were so-so, to me. Playboi Carti was GOD-awful on “They Afraid Of You,” while Lil Baby, Lil Duke and The Game put up solid verses in “Mac 10” and “Immortal” (Respectively). But in the end of the day, most of the work on this album was done by Trippie himself. I am OK with Trippie deciding to do the heavy-lifting on this album.

After a very solid debut album, Trippie has sorta regressed as an artist. As I mentioned earlier, he’s fallen in love with experimenting, which in my opinion, has resulted in some growing pains for him musically. I have no doubt in my mind that Trippie will figure things out eventually, but in the meantime, I can’t quite endorse this step in his maturation process.

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