Jidenna & Mr. Eazi Connect For “Zodi”

Jidenna continues to drop nothing but Afrobeat gems.

After being evicted from his house in Atlanta a couple of months ago, Jidenna decided to move back to Africa. There, he rediscovered himself, which as a result, led to him feeling somewhat revitalized as an artist. These last three weeks, the fruits of the slick-haired musician’s revitalization has hit the net, as he’s released four new songs that are Afrobeat-inspired;  “Zodi” is one of them.

“Zodi” is powered by this Afrobeats version of Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” instrumental. Over this instrumental, Jidenna and featured guest Mr. Eazi sing about a girl that doesn’t quite understand how much her man wants to love her. As expected, “Zodi” is full of ass-shaking vibes and Naija accents, in addition to infectious hooks and lovely melodies. The only thing that can beat a combination like that is the ’96 Bulls!

Jidenna turned into a new man after he got that first mosquito bite in Nigeria.




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