You know what city has a really nice MLK Blvd? Austin!

For the most part, MLK Boulevards tend to attract hustlers; are there bigger hustlers in the world than Jeezy and Meek Mill? In “MLK BLVD,” the two rappers join forces for this grungy banger that has Jeezy rapping like Rick Ross, referencing Rick Ross, attackhing Trump and Kanye, and most importantly, returning to his trap ways.

Meek Mill is featured on “MLK BLVD,” and on the real, he fits perfectly on it because it sounds like an old school Maybach Music song. Anyway, on his verse, Meek raps confidently about being strapped, ballin’ his ass off, and hustling his way from nothing to something. S**t, I guess acceptance speeches can come in the form of verses now.

Does Jeezy have one more run in him?