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Prince Oli & J Knotti Drop Club Banger In “Club Knight”


Prince Oli and J Knotti want to do some freaky things in the club.

You know what I love listening to? Artists that can care less about sounding like angels in their music. With that being said, Prince Oli and J Knotti are two reckless rappers, and in “Club Knight,” they have fun dabbling in women that’ll do something strange for a piece of change.

You know what this song sounds like, to me? A combination of the “Whisper Song” and some gangsta s**t. With it being powered by this grungy trap/club instrumental, both Prince Oli and J Knotti hold zero back, rapping numbly about wanting some love from strippers, girlfriends and wifeys all over.

Personally, I enjoy how both rappers never stress a single bar on this song, sounding like they are getting a lap dance while they are laying down their verses. Additionally, I like how the song gets dirtier as it goes on, ultimately sounding like something that can use soap and holy water in its life.

Prince Oli and J Knotti sound ready as a muthaf**ka for a chick to f**k with them! This is the mentality I need to have when I hit up Vegas.




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