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Ixist Boom Baps His Way To The Finish Line In “Livin One”

Ixist is pretty damn nice on the mic!

There are rappers, and then there are MCs; Ixist is a MC. Not only is he capable of putting together bars that are grandiose and clever, but to me, he has the aurora of a top spitter. In Ixist latest single, “Livin One,” he gifts us with a boom bap-inspired gem that I can guarantee hip-hop fans all over will love.

”Livin One” is powered by this hard-hitting, yet pleasant instrumental that practically begs you to bop your head to it. Over this instrumental, Ixist spits out bars like his life depends on it, hurling out wisdom-filled lyrics about living life freely and enjoying your opportunities when they are handed to you. Personally, I love how raw and organic the track comes across, as it feels like Ixist is actually speaking on topics that he believes in. Additionally, I love the accompanying music video to the song, as it shows Ixist roaming some mountains that I believe is a symbolization of where he’s trying to reach in his career.

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