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Young Thug – So Much Fun (Album Review)

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Young Thug lives grandiose in “So Much Fun.”




In “Light It Up,” Young Thug does it all: He sings passionately, he raps hard as f**k, and he delivers catchy hooks and Michael Jackson-like adlibs. Lyrically, the YSL rapper does nothing but brag, spitting about flooding his wrist and empowering his b*tches, plugs and homies.

Thugger is so unorthodox in this song.




”Bad Bad Bad” is one of those low-key bangers on “So Much Fun.” With the track being powered by this bass-heavy, yet smooth instrumental, Lil Baby and Young Thug trade verses about everything from rose gold seats to snitching friends. Personally, what I love about this song is that it’s trill without trying, and even more importantly, the hook you get on it is catchy as f**k!




I love the energy “Ecstacy” has! Not only do I f**k with how erratic the beat that powers the song is, but I also enjoy how Thugger covers plenty of ground on the hook to it, sort-of playing the role of two psycho singers. Additionally, I f**k with the lyrics Thugger dishes out on his verses, as he talks about smoking n***as, smashing bad chicks and making boss moves throughout each of them. (If that isn’t classic Thugger content, I don’t know what is)




I love how “Just How It Is” feels! With it being powered by this spunky instrumental, Young Thug gets sly, letting the world know how fly he is through impressive punchlines and halfway passionate singing. I also love the very small amount of humility Thugger shows on the track, as he talks about being a n***a that came from nothing to something on a few of his bars.

Sometimes Young Thug sounds better when he’s on his effortless s**t.




Strip club hits are at an all time high. It seems like everywhere you turn a major hip-hop star is either singing or rapping over a beat meant for the City Girls. Well, the trend has officially went overboard, because never in a million years did I expect to hear J. Cole hop on it.

In “The London,” Young Thug, J. Cole and Travis Scott gift us with a p**sy slappin/bass boomin’/punchline heavy/adrenaline-filled banger that features three vastly different styles. How their styles were able to mesh well with one another on this song is a question I have for GOD.

I have “The London” pegged as one of the best songs this year.


1. JUST HOW IT IS (4/5)

2. SUP MATE (3.5/5)

3. ECSTASY (4/5)

4. HOT (3.5/5)

5. LIGHT IT UP (4/5)

6. SURF (4/5)

7. BAD BAD BAD (4/5)

8. LIL BABY (3.5/5)

9. WHAT’S THE MOVE (3.5/5)

10. I BOUGHT HER (3.5/5)


12. I’M SCARED (3.5/5)


14. BIG TIPPER (4/5)

15. PUSSY (3.5/5)



18. BOY BACK (3.5/5)

19. THE LONDON (5/5)



Let’s keep it real: “So Much Fun” doesn’t have a single bad song (Well, you can argue that “Sup Mate” is bad). From ”Just How It Is” to “The London,” you get bangers full of catchy hooks, trill lyrics, infectious melodies, and solid guest appearances. Additionally, I think the subject-matters Young Thug covers on this album are delivered in ways that are riveting and cinematic.

Where “So Much Fun” might throw folks off a little  is in the experimental side of things. Thugger doesn’t take as many chances on the album, as he opts to go for more of a traditional approach to making music. Personally, I like traditional for Thugger, but I understand the true diehards not quite liking it.

At one point, I proclaimed Young Thug to be the best artist at picking beats. Nowadays, I believe Logic is the best at picking beats, but that doesn’t mean Thugger isn’t good at that s**t still. In “So Much Fun,” I feel like you get smooth trap beats, military-like beats, and beats that simply have great energy attached to it. Kudos must go to all of the producers on this album for their quality offerings, but even more kudos must go to Thugger for piecing together a bunch of s**t that sounds unique and hard-hitting.

Atlanta is represented well on “So Much Fun.” Throughout the album, you get features from Lil Baby, Future, Gunna, Lil Duke and Quavo. You also get features from NAV and Juice WRLD (two artists you might as well call Atlanta artists), in addition to J. Cole and Travis Scott. While I believe J. Cole and Travis Scott had the best appearances on this album, everyone else did contribute well to the grand scheme of the project, adding their own unique flair to it.

”So Much Fun” really is so much fun! Thugger sounds loose on the album, letting out his frustrations, threatening his foes, celebrating his successes, and singing like he was at a karaoke. It’s a blast listening to it, which is how a debut album should sound (Can’t believe after all these years this is Thugger’s debut).

8 thoughts on “Young Thug – So Much Fun (Album Review)

  1. Here’s my top 5:
    1. Surf
    2. Ecstasy
    3. Big Tipper
    4. Boy Back
    5. Circle of bosses

    Bottom 5.
    15. I bought her
    16. Pussy
    17. Jumped out the window
    18. Mannequin Challenge
    19. Sup Mate

    1. Rating breakdown:
      1. JUST HOW IT IS: (40)
      2. SUP MATE: (10)
      3. ECSTASY: (80)
      4. HOT: (40+)
      5. LIGHT IT UP (40)
      6. SURF: (85)
      7. BAD BAD BAD (60)
      8. LIL BABY (45+)
      9. WHAT’S THE MOVE (70)
      10. I BOUGHT HER (35)
      11. JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW (30)
      12. I’M SCARED (40)
      13. CARTIER GUCCI SCARF (70+)
      14. BIG TIPPER (80)
      15. PUSSY (35)
      16. CIRCLE OF BOSSES (80)
      18. BOY BACK (80)
      19. THE LONDON (50)

  2. Hey bro. I’m not gonna lie. I slept on a few tracks before I re-listened. Here are the updated ratings (for the ones I felt I slept on)
    3. Ecstasy (90+)
    4. Hot (70)
    9. What’s the move (85+)
    12. I’m Scared (45) (Still not that good)
    14. Big Tipper (95)
    16. Circle of bosses (90)
    Holy crap this album grew on me fast lol. Now i’m really starting to think that this is the album of 2019. Hopefully some tracks grew on you too!

      1. Dude. It’s a shame that young thug updated some of the songs recently and made them worse, including Ecstasy which is BS. Here are my new ratings for the updated songs.
        3. Ecstasy (75) (They took off the second verse and replaced it with an MGK verse. His verse wasn’t bad, but thug’s second verse was fire AF, they should’ve kept it if they were gonna add MGK to it).
        12. I’m Scared (40) that pierre tag messed up the smooth beginning.
        14. Big Tipper (75) It got boring now that they took off the indian beat thing on the spotify version (or atleast most of it).

      2. Great observation! I swear, you are amazing! Lol.

        When I saw ecstasy, a song I love, featured machine gun kelly, I was a bit thrown off. Since I’m busy with so much music, I didn’t get to hear it, but I will see these changes you’re talking about.

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