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Lizzo & DaBaby Join Forces For “Truth Hurts (Remix)”


Who would’ve thunk this would be a ‘must-listen’ remix a year ago?

DaBaby and Lizzo are two artists that sort-of blew up out of nowhere. Now that they are actually famous, they are more than willing to tell critics “f**k you” when it comes to what they think about their unapologetic approaches. With that being said, this remix to “Truth Hurts ” is the epitome of a ‘f**k you’ song, to me. Not only does DaBaby follow Lizzo’s formula of feeling yourself from the original song, but he also indulges in the energetic instrumental sorta like Lizzo does. All in all, I think Baby and Liz are a match made in heaven on this song!

Have you ever listened to a girl break this song down? For fellas, it’s the most intimidating thing ever!



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