Oh s**t, n***as going to be posing in the club when this song comes on (Gotti doesn’t know what he started with this joint).

“Pose” is one of those grungy trap bangers people will love. First and foremost, the track is powered by this bass-heavy/funky ass instrumental that damn-there sounds gassy. Over this instrumental, Yo Gotti gets gimmicky, delivering a hook and a few verses that are repetitive, slow-paced and reckless. As for Uzi, he adds a bit of youthful energy to the track, gifting us with this trill/intense/savage verse that has him sounding a bit angry. When you combine both artists’ contributions together, what you get is something that is bound to end up a trap fan’s favorite.

Lil Uzi Vert be shining on beats that sounds like it’s farting and s**t.