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KiNg EmErY & N’Less Fee Ball In “Old Relationships”


If you are in the mood for some soulful trap music, “Old Relationships” is for you!

KiNg EmErY seems like the type of rapper that has a chip on his shoulder. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, EmErY has hustled his way to success for years now, starting his rap journey as early as nine years old. In his latest project, “Royalty,” things come to fruition for EmEry, as both he and N’Less Fee deliver a body of work for us that is just as trap as it is explosive. One of my favorite songs off of “Royalty” is “Old Relationships” — An infectious banger that never lets up in street vibes.

With “Old Relationships” featuring this authentic trap instrumental, both KiNg EmErY and N’Less Fev rap/sing infectiously about getting money, moving on from their old chicks, getting money, and using money to steal our chicks.  What I love about the track is that both Deuce and EmErY let loose on it, caring less if they make anyone who listens to the song feel jealous on their verses… That’s how flossin’ should be done!

Make sure you check out “Royalty” HERE! Also, give “Old Relationships” a stab at the top of the page!



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