Hip Hop

Juvenile, Birdman & Lil Wayne Reunite For “Ride Dat”

Cash Money taking over for the 2019 and the 2020?

It warms my heart to see Juvenile, Baby and Lil Wayne all on a song together in 2019. What that tells me is that n***as in New Orleans are loyal. With that being said, when they were the strongest of friends, what the trio typically made was strip club-inspired songs; “Ride Dat” falls directly in line with that sound.

“Ride Dat” is powered by this intense instrumental that screams out twerk, scam and finesse. Over this instrumental, Juvenile gives us a vintage verse in which he plays savage woman-lover, Birdman gives us a verse in which he comes across like a triple OG, and Wayne gives us a verse in which he comes across like a horny n***a that just started sobering up after abusing drugs. When you combine all three of the sounds you hear on this song together, what you get is a vintage-sounding banger that slaps both asses and faces.

Since Juvenile sounded 45 years old when he first came out, he’s starting to sound young these days.



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