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CSpence Questions The World’s Realness In “Fact Or Fiction”

Facts: CSpence killed this song!

CSpence is not your ordinary rapper. When I listen to his music, I hear clever bars, serious confidence, and a mix between traditional and futuristic southern vibes. In “Fact Or Fiction,” CSpence’s latest single, he shows the world that he is also capable of creating wisdom-filled music, too, as he gifts us with an absolute banger that does its job in making you wonder if you are a real one or not.

So what do I love about “Fact Or Fiction?” I love the hard-hitting instrumental attached to it, I love the relentlessness CSpence raps with throughout his verses on it, and I absolutely love how our hero questions folks on the moves that they are making in their lives. Man, as I continue to evaluate the people I have in my circle, this song made sense onto why I should remove them out of it.

“Fact Or Fiction” is fire, folks! If you don’t like it, you must be living a fictitious life.



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