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Lucid Ending Rocks Out In “Twenty Miles”

I’m willing to walk a full twenty miles just to learn guitar lessons from everybody involved in this song.

Lucid Ending, a band with a kick-ass name, consists of four musicians that are fearless, highly-skilled, and well-dressed. In “Twenty Miles,” one of their biggest singles, the Canadian natives shine bright, gifting us with a hard-hitting gem that inspires the world to live life without safety handles.

You know a rock song is special when you imagine yourself playing every instrument you hear on it… Anyway, in “Twenty Miles,” you get tumultuous drumming (Kudos to Logan Cunningham), stimulating guitar-play (Kudos to Steven Mahoney, Trevor Ahmet, Josh de Boer), crazy amounts of bass (Kudos to Josh de Boer), and daring singing (Kudos to Josh de Boer, again). Additionally, listeners are treated to nothing but galvanizing lyrics on the song, as Josh de Boer feverishly encourages spontaneous/unchained behavior throughout. Hell, after listening to this joint, I jumped firmly on this already crooked table I have in my living room… (I busted my ass, but it was well worth it!)

Make sure you check out Lucid Ending’s (Jesus, I love their name!) “Twenty Miles” at the top of the page! Also, make sure you never try to jump on a crooked table…



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