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Fat Joe, Cardi B & Anuel AA Join Forces For “YES”

How do you say “club hit” in Spanish?

Whenever you have a song that features heavy bass and a whining chick in the background, nine times out of ten, that song is going to be a hit! In “YES,” that’s exactly what you get, as Fat Joe, Cardi B and Anuel AA absolutely kill s**t over the winning format I mentioned above.

You know what I love about “YES?” Fat Joe, Cardi B and Anuel AA all rap hard on it, but they also infuse their own unique flair into their respective verses, too. I also love how raw the lyrical content is from the trio, as they unapologetically tackle the topics of smashing on other dudes’ chicks, making money and violence.

Fat Joe is one of the most unsuspecting club hit-makers of all-time.




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