This song is so powerful!

Rob Alexander is a heckuva singer! In a few songs I listened to by him, he blew me away with his burly vocals, powerful lyrics, and knack for picking passionate instrumentals to croon over. In “When I’m Gone (For George Michael),” a song dedicated to the music great, Rob shines brighter than ever by singing his heart out and putting together a myriad of words that vividly describes the thoughts he hopes for us to all have towards him when he leaves this earth.

You know what I love about “When I’m Gone?” How it takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Initially, what you get is calm and soothing singing by Rob Alexander over this piano-heavy instrumental on the song, but as it goes on, things get more intense, as the beat begins to get a bit more electrifying, which prompts Rob to get more and more soulful, making his dreary words sound more and more divine. When it’s all said and done, after the song completed, I felt it more than I heard it.

Rob Alexander, I’m sure George Michael is pretty proud of what you were able to make here!