Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire, Kalel can spit! 

Kalel is one of those rappers that is way too real to not feel. In “Vagabond Part 2,” ‘Lel really taps into his feelings, giving listeners a glimpse into the ins-and-outs of his tumultuous world.

First and foremost, I love the instrumental attached to “Vagabond Part 2,” as it features these numbing vibes that practically pins your ears to the ground, forcing it to hear every inch of emotion it oozes out. Over this instrumental, Kalel gets vulnerable, rapping about his gritty city, his dark thoughts, and his paranoia when it comes to the people around him.

Personally, as a hip-hop fan, I love how Kalel hurls out plenty of punchlines and metaphors on “Vagabond Part 2,” showing a level of cleverness that is pretty impressive. I also love how effortlessly ‘Lel delivers his bars, as he never stresses a single thought. All in all, I am feeling this song a lot!

Anybody else close their eyes while listening to this joint?