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Pia Mia & YG Unite For “Feel Up”

It’s always comical when YG ends up on a pop song.

Pia Mia is one of those singers that always finds her way on California-sounding s**t. Well, “Feel Up” is no different, as on it, Pia Mia sings about being “felt on” and “splurged on” over this stereotypical DJ Mustard instrumental. While Pia does plug some elements of Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” into the grand scheme of “Feel Up,” in the end of the day, nothing about the song feels special, to me…

YG is on “Feel Up,” and as he usually does on a commercial song, he thugs s**t up with his gangsta ass accent and real-n***a quotes. YG, never change, bro!

I only want to hear this song at a pool party.



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