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Stream iAMDJSTAXX’s “Lost Talent” EP


iAMDJSTAXX’s is a gritty, hungry and polished rapper that understands the ins-and-outs of making songs real ones can feel. With that being said, in “Lost Talent,” his latest EP, what you get from the Queens, New York rapper is motivational music like “Bag Talk,” soulful music like “Run Game,” smooth ass music like “My Drug,” club music like “Rich Niggaz,” and serious street s**t like “Bout It” and “Never.” To add on to this EP’s legend, every track featured on it contains confident/focused bars by not only iAMDJSTAXX, but a bunch of other artists, too. All in all, “Lost Talent” allowed me to FIND my love for hard-hitting hip-hop music again, so I am very thankful for it!



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