“Roses In The Wild” is a beautiful concoction between gritty hip-hop and uplifting pop.

DSB N Ike Okani aren’t newbies to Ratings Game Music. Just a few weeks ago, I reviewed a song by them called “Gimmie Afrobeat” that I thought was fun, energetic, and very different when you compare it to the music you hear on the radio these days. Today, the duo decided to release yet another exciting tune called “Roses In The Wild,” and on it, you get a pretty vibrant instrumental, a gleeful vocal performance, and most surprising of all, a few gritty bars by Jay-Z!

You know what I love about this song? All of the different vibes you get on it. In one sense, you are treated to vibes that are numbing and cold (You get these vibes from Jay-Z’s contributions), but in another sense, you get these colorful and uplifting vibes from the instrumental and the lead singers vocals/lyrical content that will put a smile on your face. All in all, I love the emotional roller-coaster this song takes you on, mainly because the thrills are unpredictable.

I love a song that could put me in a good mood!