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Wiz Khalifa Continues His Lyrical Onslaught With “Neighbors”

I’m convinced that Wiz Khalifa is being held at gunpoint in the studio.

I feel like a broken record saying this, but Wiz Khalifa decided to drop yet another single today called “Neighbors!” On it, the 32-year old goes hard as f**k, putting n***as onto both game and boss moves utilizing this flow that is so steady, I can’t believe that s**t ain’t butter! (That makes no sense, but let me be great)

While I enjoy Wiz’s rapping on “Neighbors,” I think it’s the song’s instrumental that is fire! What you get is a bass boomin’ gem that features a splash of outer space vibes… Who doesn’t like outer space vibes?

What does Wiz plan to do with all these new releases?



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