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Lil Nas X Taps DaBaby For A Remix To “Panini”


I’m pretty sure DaBaby is a meanie, so I don’t understand why he was invited to do a remix to this song…

Lil Nas X’s “Panini” is one of those songs I love to sing in my car! I enjoy the beat attached to it, I enjoy how fearlessly X comes across on it vocally, and strangely, I love how corny it is as a whole. Well, it looks like DaBaby loves “Panini,” too, because today, he decided to drop a remix to the track.

DaBaby doesn’t quite slay “Panini,” but he does impose his will on the track. Not only does he continue to rap like a n***a that thinks he’s the coolest thing since 4K TVs, but he also continues to tell tales of his successful encounters with scandalous h*es. (I swear, this n***a DaBaby has never lost in any unfavorable situation he was thrown in)

I still don’t understand the relevance of the word ‘Panini’ to this song…




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