Russ Goes At His Naysayers In “Rent Free”

Russ is the Josh Norman of the rap game.

There’s no other way to slice it, Russ is a rich ass n***a. For this reason alone, I think he has every right to talk s**t in his music. With that being said, in “Rent Free,” the New Jersey native takes aim at his woeful enemies, spitting bars about the things he’s able to do that they aren’t:

Know y’all really wanna’ help your mom out too
Know y’all really wanna’ flex and buy new coupes
Know y’all really want a jet, but not Jet Blue
Know y’all really want a groupie chick or two
When you’re everything they’re not, they get real hurt

Kudos to Genius

As a listener, you’ll love the cockiness Russ raps with throughout this song, and how he is able to once again make a flute-heavy/I Dream Of Jeannie ass instrumental sound hard.




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