Ironically, Pain In The Yeahs were able to create a perfect song about imperfections with “Second Day Makeup!”

You gotta love Pain In The Yeahs’! Not only are they great at making music that is both engaging and thought-provoking, but they are also pretty kick-ass at conjoining all the different elements that go into making a complete song. In “Second Day Makeup,” the latest single by PITY, listeners are treated to a gem that is passionate, well-crafted, and perfect for anyone that is currently trying to figure out how to let go of someone that always seems to make your spirit feel s**tty.

“Second Day Makeup” is both fragile and electrifying. With the instrumental to the song featuring dynamic guitar-play and thunderous drumming  (That interestingly gives off feel-good vibes), James Wagner lets loose, giving the world some insight into this lover of his that seems to make his life a lot more complicated/toxic whenever he thinks of them.

Personally, I love how vulnerable James Wagner’s lyrics are from start to finish on “Second Day Makeup,” especially when it comes to the balance he shows between both sorrow and rejoice. I also love how the instrumental to this song gives off the equivalent to a breath of fresh air — a feeling that turns this song from a sad one to a happy one, to me.

My ex used to look like a zombie whenever she wore her makeup overnight, but hey, I get the message this song is trying to say!