Danny Brown is a bad muthaf**ka, son!

Danny Brown season is upon us, which means we should expect plenty of new singles from him these next couple of weeks. His latest one is titled “Best Life,” and in my opinion, it is an absolute gem!

“Best Life” is powered by this soulful, yet hard-hitting instrumental by Q-Tip that I absolutely adore. Over this instrumental, Danny Brown lets loose, letting the world know the tumultuous past he had to overcome to be great:

Come from the sewer where hot dogs got boiled
Right up in the same pot, unc’ cooked, the rock
Went from flippin’ them mats, to flippin’ them sacks
Hide and seek, send spots to out on, we sell crack, facts
War on drugs was a chess game
Was a pawn, guns drawn on my front lawn
Just a young nigga, starin’ down the corner
Checkin’ out the hustlers with the latest kicks on ’em
Know a nigga want, momma ain’t got it

Kudos to Genius

While I absolutely love the gutter topics that flow throughout this song, I think it’s the force/cleverness that Danny Brown delivers his lyrics with that catches my attention the most. It’s almost like he’s intent on making us feel what he felt growing up, which I want no part of (N***a, I don’t want to be no hot dog that gets boiled!).

Check out Danny Brown’s “Best Life” at the top of the page! Trust me, it’s fire!