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Mariah Carey Releases Mixed-ish’s Theme Song “In The Mix”

This is vintage Mariah, folks!

As you may know by now, ABC’s new show titled “Mixed-ish” is about to premiere really soon (September 24th to be exact). Well, the show needs a theme song, right? No need to fear, Mariah Carey is here!

In “In The Mix,” Mariah treats listeners to a vintage R&B performance — We’re talking 90’s Mariah in which she sings gleefully over an uptempo/happy-go-lucky instrumental. Additionally, on the track, you get a very adorable contribution by Mariah’s daughters in which they hype her up to be the best version of herself. How dope is that?

Frfr, the only thing missing from this song is some Puffy adlibs.




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