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Akon Schools Us On Strippers In “Benjamin”

We’ve gotten more Akon songs this month than in the last five years.

Akon’s motivation to make music has me wanting to hop on the mic again (I’m joking like hell, folks). In all seriousness, the “Smack That” creator has been on fire these last couple of weeks, and with the release of the sultry “Benjamin,” I don’t see dude’s fire being put out anytime soon.

“Benjamin” is powered by this vibrant instrumental that I can see The Weeknd killing. Over this instrumental, Akon speaks on a stripper’s behalf, letting the world know what she will drop down low, cook or beg for:

oh, she switches when he’s in town for (Benjamin, Benjamin)
Gets so sexy when he’s around for (Benjamin, Benjamin)
Oh, you should see the way that she smile for (Benjamin, Benjamin)

As usual, you’ll love how raw Akon’s lyrics are on “Benjamin,” and how he’s able to lay down a solid melody for the 190th time on the song.

Kudos to AZlyrics

Akon has like ten wives, does he really need to hit a strip club up?



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