G-Eazy & E-40 Connect For “No Rappers”

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Ladies, listen to the advice G-Eazy and E-40 give you on this song!

You know why I f**k with G-Eazy? He knows he’s the s**t, so he raps with a level of confidence that is glaring. In “No Rappers,” the Bay Area native’s latest single, he takes his confidence to another level, dropping off a how-to-guide for women on how to deal with a rap dude that’s trying to get in them draws!

“No Rappers” features a beat that bumps, but is also a bit fervent. Over this beat, both G-Eazy and E-40 open up about their reckless ways when it comes to dealing with women. While the former is a lot more savage with his sentiments (Over here talking about being a potential porn star and s**t), the latter plays wise man with his sentiments, discussing his hustling ways and knack for putting n***as and b*tches in their places (E-40 is an OG, Triple OG!).

I’m sure a rock artist listened to this song and thought to themselves, “Hold My Beer.”



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