Casanova Gets Real In “Stay Wit It”

If Tekashi doesn’t snitch on Casanova, I can see him having quite the career!

I think Casanova is the real-deal. Not only do I love his gritty style of rapping, but in my humbling opinion, he’s also challenging Logic when it comes to being the best rapper at picking beats to spit over. In “Stay Wit It,” Cass’ latest single, he makes me look like a genius, as he gifts us with a track that is not only intense, but also realer than every body part on Kourtney Kardashian.

It’s impossible to not love the following about “Stay Wit It”: The passionate instrumental that powers it, Cassanova’s intimidating, yet real ass bars about staying strapped and being paranoid of fake n***as, and lastly, the energy the New York rapper spits with throughout. In other words, this song is impossible to not feel — especially if you are really putting in work in the streets.

Casanova would be a very good lawyer! I think this n***a can sway a jury in any direction he wants them to go.



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