This song pays homage to the n***as with dice in their pockets.

K. Michelle is crazy. Luckily, her craziness doesn’t have a barring on her music. With that being said, in “Supa Hood,” The Love & Hip-hop legend was able to gift us with a nice little gem that features fearless singing, truthful lyrics, and trill ass contributions from both Yung Miami and Kash Doll.

I love the gritty, yet melodic approach K. Michelle uses on this song! It forces female listeners to rethink how they are loving on their hood men. I also f**k with Kash Doll and Yung Miami’s verses, as the former kills s**t with this unapologetic approach, while the latter decides to pay homage to her man through debonair bars (Kash Doll stays sounding like an UK Butler that can rap).

Any n***a who wears shorts that sag to the ankles can respect this song!