Polo G might have one with “Heartless.”

Polo G is triller than you. Hailing from Chicago, the 20-year old has probably seen more s**t than a 40-year old from anywhere else in the world. With that being said, in his latest single titled “Heartless,” Polo opens up about his troublesome lifestyle, holding nothing back when it comes to sentiments such as smoking ops, hustling with the best of them, and overcoming depression.

I think you’re going to love the emotional trap instrumental that powers “Heartless” (Kudos to DJ Mustard).  You’re also going to love how Polo spills his guts out over this instrumental, gifting us with this gritty, yet melodic sound rapping-wise. To be honest with you, when you combine both aspects together, what you get is a song that is too infectious and real to pass up on.

Ya’ll think Polo G has next?