Wiz Khalifa Drops “Just Wanna Be Famous”

“Just Wanna Be Famous” is smoother than Klay Thompson’s jump shot.

As you may know, Wiz Khalifa has been releasing music like crazy these last couple of weeks. Well, it looks like the Pittsburgh rapper wants to continue his grinding ways, because today, he decided to release a brand new track called “Just Wanna Be Famous” for us.

“Just Wanna Be Famous” is powered by this soothing, yet hard-hitting instrumental that I absolutely love. Over this instrumental, Wiz Khalifa raps hard and sings serenely about keeping s**t real when it comes to grinding, balling and partying. Personally, I think you’ll enjoy how this song flows, and most importantly, how Wiz plays bossman on it.

I’m convinced that all Wiz does these days is smoke weed and make music.



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