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PnB Rock, Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz Rock “Fendi”

Nicki’s retirement from the rap game lasted longer than a muthaf**ka, right?

I don’t own any Fendi, but this new joint called “Fendi” featuring Pnb Rock, Murda Beatz & Nicki Minaj had me hyped the f**k up for the brand! For starters, the track features this colorful trap beat that I can’t help but shake my imaginary dreads to. Over this instrumental, PnB drops off an exhilarating hook and first verse that has him switching between high and low pitches singing-wise (He’s also pretty damn reckless lyrically on his contributions)

While both Murda Beatz and Pnb Rock kill their respective contributions on “Fendi,” it’s Nicki Minaj that steals the show on the song. On her long ass lone verse, she raps pretty ferociously, bigging up her man for holding her down when it comes to sex, money and protection in the process:

Shorty got nothin’ to worry ’bout with these dudes
He really ride, he really shoots
He gonna pick me up stuntin’ in the coupe
He ain’t a lie, he the truth
Oh, he reppin’ this MB
Well, we killin’ the memory
I don’t even look sexy
But he still tryna sex me
Ain’t gotta get all done up for my dude
My attitude is the baddest thing that’s on me, boo
So you do you

Kudos to Genius

Nicki also tries to strong arm her competition on “Fendi” (For the 100th time), letting them know the queen is still poppin’ in the streets. In the end of the day, you’ll love how the Nicki takes complete command of this song from start to finish, dominating everything from the intro to the overall character of it.

Nicki plays boss dogg on every single song she features on now.



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