H.E.R. & YG Get Sly In “Slide”


I knew YG was going to be the n***a that gets H.E.R. to get out of her shell.

H.E.R. is one of the best soul singers in the game today. However, if you listened to “I Used To Know Her,” you know that she’s pretty solid at making uptempo tracks, too. “Slide,” the latest single by the Vallejo native, definitely falls in the uptempo category, as on it, she sings slyly about making love ’til the morning, partying and candy paint cars (I definitely didn’t see that coming). While she still has this somber tone to her vocally on the song, I couldn’t help but notice the pep to her step she also had.

YG is on “Slide,” and in my opinion, he fits it magnificently! Not only is his unapologetic style perfect for the chill west coast-inspired instrumental that powers the song, but I also loved his clever/carefree bars, too.

YG may need to tone down his brash lyrics towards women now that he’s dating Kehlani (He probably won’t).




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