Derek Lai Shines In The Powerful “Empty-Handed”


Derek Lai leaves it all on the studio floor on this song.

If you are a true music fan, you will appreciate Derek Lai’s passion when it comes to making music/living out dreams. In “Empty Handed,” Derek’s latest single, these words ring truer than ever, as he shines bright by pouring his heart out in every lyric he drops.

“Empty-Handed” is emotional, exhilarating, and extremely infectious. Not only does it feature this vibrant instrumental that does its job in getting your heart to race (Especially when it comes to the strapping guitar-play that powers it), but Derek’s performance on the song is stirring as hell, as he does a fantastic job of letting the world know how resilient, empowered and unbothered he is when it comes to dealing with discouraging moments in his life (That’s deep, right?).

I highly recommend you give Derek Lai’s “Empty-Handed” a shot. Trust me, it’s a hit!




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