LUURK & Edwina Maben Join Forces For “Lilac Clouds”

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“Lilac Clouds” will have you on Cloud 9.

LUURK is one of those brilliant musicians that knows how to make songs that can be felt in your soul. In “Lilac Clouds,” these words never felt truer, as both the talented producer and featured guest Edwina Maben were able to drop this absolute gem that never lets up in realness.

You know what I love about “Lilac Clouds?” it’s very easy to connect with. For starters, the track features this vibrant instrumental that does everything in its power to pump joyous energy into your system. Over this instrumental, Edwina Maben spreads her wings, singing soulfully about the importance of self-improvement, self-consciousness and self-correction (Even in the midst of a complicated break-up). All in all, I love the vocal performance Edwina gives us on this song, in addition to how LUURK finds a way to bless us with production that is both 90’s R&B-esque and euphoric.

“Lilac Clouds” is a flawless tune that can teach you something along the way.




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