Why is Pia Mia such a random artist, to me?

If Pia Mia was standing right next to me, I wouldn’t recognize her for s**t! Seriously, in the last couple of years the Guamanian singer has released a few hits, but no one on this planet has labeled her as a hit-maker or one of their favorite artists. While I don’t expect her to be a household name anytime soon, I do see her continuing to make hits similar to her new single titled “Don’t Get Me Started.”

“Don’t Get Me Started” is cooler than a college student with a standalone bathroom. Not only does it feature this sinister instrumental that is dope as hell (Kudos to Carnage), but Pia Mia and featured guest Gunna’s slick/sly ass lyrics about making money, taking on ops and drippin’ will strike a chord with you.

Gunna sounds like he was munching on some peanut butter while laying down his contributions to this joint (The n***a has mastered slurring).