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Wale & Manny Wells Unite For “Love & Loyalty”

I’m expecting Wale’s new album to be a borderline masterpiece.

Contrary to popular belief, I f**k with Wale! While I do believe he has his identity issues as a rapper, in the end of the day, he has a solid ear for music, too. With that being said, in the DMV rapper’s latest single titled “Love & Loyalty,” he blesses us with a gritty AfroPop gem that features tons of gun-talk (Surprisingly), complex bars, and infectious crooning by both him and featured guest Manny Wellz. As a fellow Naija man, I enjoyed every second of this song’s vibes — especially when Wale hits us with a few lines like “Abi” and s**t.

I think I would truly f**k with an AfroPop Wale album!




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