Collins & Streiss Shine In “Freedom’s Captive”

“Freedom’s Captive” will give you nothing but nostalgic vibes.

Collins and Streiss are a Canadian duo from Richmond Hill, Ontario that loves dabbling in rock, alternative, jazz and pop when they make music. In “Freedom’s Captive,” listeners are gifted to every one of the genres I just mentioned, as the two musicians were able to create a powerful gem you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

So what makes “Freedom’s Captive” special? It’s edgy, catchy, infectious, inspirational, electrifying, timeless-sounding, passionate and touching! From start to finish, you can tell Collins and Streiss were intent on touching listeners souls, because what they give you on the song is powerful guitar-play, hard-hitting drumming, intense lyrics about finding oneself, and a vocal performance that is loud-n-proud! To make a long story short, “Freedom’s Captive” is empowering and stimulating — a combination that will make you bow to the duo.

Make sure you listen to “Freedom’s Captive” over and over again (Or until you are completely free)!



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