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LeCrae Hits The West Coast For “California Dreamin”

Whatchu Think?

LeCrae is really in the hood like quarter waters.

Before LeCrae, I’m not going to lie, I thought Christian rappers were lame. But when I started listening to dude, my mindset changed a a lot! Not only did I feel like the music ‘Crae was coming out with was relatable and real, but I also felt like he made it an obligation not to shove religion down our throats (I hate when people do that s**t). With that being said, in ‘Crae’s latest track titled “California Dreamin,” he gives us something that is as gangsta as it gets, as he spits bars about growing up in Cali where they throw hands, shoplift and don’t wash their hands after using the restroom.

On some real s**t, you’re going to love the instrumental that powers this song (Kudos to Zaytoven), the passionate hook you get from John Givez, and how raw ‘Crae spits from start to finish.



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