Wiz Khalifa Raps Hard In “Hardly Ever Home”

When Wiz spits the way he does on this song, he’s a favorite of mines.

Wiz Khalifa has released over 100 different songs in the last month or so (OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration), and a good chunk of them have been on some hardcore rap s**t. However, in “Hardly Ever Home,” I think Wiz raps harder than he’s rapped in a while.

“Hardly Ever Home” is powered by this soulful instrumental that hits harder than Mike Tyson. Over this instrumental, Wiz Khalifa spits some cold ass bars about being legendary, being back to business, and keeping only the realest around him (I can f**k with those sentiments).

Personally, I love the sturdy flow Wiz utilizes on this song. I also love the dominance he  delivers to us lyrically throughout.



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