Yelawolf Embraces Being An Underdog In “Opie Taylor”

I love a smooth banger like this!

Yelawolf is prepping to release “Ghetto Cowboy” in less than three weeks. What do I expect from the album? Nothing but raw/unadulterated music. In “Opie Taylor,” one of the singles off of “Ghetto Cowboy,” Yelawolf mellows things down a bit, as he uses the song as an opportunity to talk about embracing an underdog role plenty of individuals like myself can relate to:

Well, a quarter pound of pot in a shoebox
Got five grand stuffed in a tube sock
Ain’t got no fucking credit to use
I paid cash for my car at the used lot

Small town, trapped in a sinkhole
Still keepin’ it cool in the pistol
Me and dope’s like green to a pickle
Yeah folk, like a haystack to a sickle

Personally, I love the emotional feel “Opie Taylor” gives off. Not only did I get “College Dropout” vibes from the instrumental that powers it, but I also feel like Yelawolf comes across like a completely poised MC that wants his music to be felt just as much as heard in the song (You know this dude can be very unchained at times).




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