Vinnie Boi keeps s**t all-the-way real in “The Prelude.”

Hip-hop lovers worldwide, Vinnie Boi’s “The Prelude” is what you need in your life! Seriously, do you want me to check off all of the things Vinnie does well on it? (Even if you said “No,” f**k you, I still will)

  • Vinnie’s wordplay, punchlines, and confidence on the mic are all top notch in this album.
  • The instrumentals Vinnie spits bars over on this album are damn-there legendary, featuring riveting vibes and hard-hitting elements that do everything in its power to knock the Honey Nut Cheerios off of the top of your fridge.
  • Vinnie’s passion is impeccable in this album, especially when he covers topics such as making it out of the hood, and hustling until you make it to the top. Who can’t relate to such messages?
  • Vinnie reps the DMV a lot in this album, so he knows a thing or two about real n***as!

All in all, I’m really f**king with “The Prelude!” If you aren’t, get the f**k up out my traphouse!