The vibes “Fly Away” gives off are smooth as s**t!

Pe$o is one of those rappers that can spit bars with the best of them, as when it comes to rap skills, the flows he’s able to utilize are steady, his lyrics are astute, and his punchlines are solid. However, in “Fly Away,” you get a different approach from the up-and-coming rapper — one that eases minds, but still stays true to his trill ass beliefs.

“Fly Away” is powered by this hazy trap instrumental that will practically make you feel like you’re high. Over this instrumental, Pe$o raps melodically about stackin’ up money, getting lost in his henny bottle, and ignoring individuals that try to block his happiness.

Personally, I love how “Fly Away” serves as a theme song for Pe$o, as he gets a chance to let listeners know what he’s all about on it. I also love how Pe$o doesn’t stress a single bar he delivers on his verses to the song.

Sippin’ on Henny and getting paid sounds like a helluva combination!