Selena Gomez Shows The World Her Resilient Side In “Look At Her Now” (Review)

Selena Gomez’s comeback has been bigger than Soulja Boy’s comeback.

After watching a bio on Selena Gomez earlier this year, I became a major fan of her! I love that she’s a hard-worker, and absolutely admire the resiliency she showed after suffering from serious health issues a few years back. Now that Selena is all fine and dandy in the key aspects of her life, it looks like she’s ready to continue on with her highly successful music career; “Look At Her Now” feels like her big-time comeback song!

“Look At Her Now” gives me old school R&B vibes. On the song, you get serious dance vibes, quirky lyrics, and a whole bunch of sass. When you combine the three aspects I just mentioned together, what you get is a surefire hit!

I love this sound for you, Selena!




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