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Buddy & Kent Jamz Get “Hollyhood” (Review)


Buddy is a singing ass n***a, but he is still savage as s**t!

Buddy is one of California’s most slept on artists. Personally, I believe he does a great job of blending R&B vibes with gritty rap vibes in his music, creating a concoction that is hard to hate if you are simply a fan of urban music. “Hollyhood” is a prime example of Buddy at his finest, as on it, the Los Angeles rapper spits out savage bars about his come-up, luxurious ways, and love for smashing chicks every kind of way. As for Kent Jamz, he blesses us with a hook so smooth on the song, I can’t believe that s**t isn’t butter!

I’m looking forward to Buddy’s upcoming album!





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