dvsn & Future link Up For “No Cryin” (Review)

As a major fan of dvsn, I can admit that I cried when I pressed play on this song.

OVO’s dvsn have been pretty quiet since releasing “Morning After” back in 2017. Don’t get me wrong, the duo has dropped a few singles since releasing the album, they just haven’t dropped anything that has caught my attention. “No Cryin” is definitely a single that catches my attention, as on it, you get an uptempo instrumental that features trap R&B vibes, soulful crooning, silky smooth melodies, and a performance by featured guest Future that will remind you of his old s**t. All in all, I believe “No Cryin” is a hit!

I cried once in the club… It was after I got hit by some chick’s weave while I was dancing with her (That As I Am shampoo residue stung, bruh).



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