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Smokepurpp Returns With “Stevie” (Review)

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Smokepurpp is back, and he is as trill as he’s ever been.

I get it, SmokePurpp and Lil Pump aren’t the most intelligent rappers in the game, but if you curve your expectations just a bit, they can be solid listens! With that being said, I don’t expect SmokePurpp’s “Deadstar 2” project to be the best album ever assembled, but I do expect it to at least have a few bangers we can f**k with. “Stevie,” the first single off of “Deadstar 2,” released today, and on it, you get a version of Purpp that is mumbly, violent, reckless, and pretty solid when it comes to riding a beat and displaying confidence.

SmokePurpp looks like the type of n***a that showed up to high school every other week.



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